Komarni Football | Agent Services
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Our FA Registered Intermediary with key contacts around the UK will expertly manage your football career, everything from contracts to commercial opportunities and financial advice. We take great pride in ensuring we negotiate the best contracts for our players whilst maintaining an honest, open relationship throughout ensuring every aspect of the your career is cared for both on and off the pitch. This allows you to concentrate purely on football without having to worry about everything else that comes with being a modern day footballer.

At Komarni Football Agency our FA Registered Intermediary will provide each client with a complete comprehensive bespoke and personal service which includes:

Transfer & Contract Negotiations

Career Development

Player Marketing/ Branding/ Media Training

Sponsorships/Endorsements/ Boot Deals

Translation Services

Image /PR/ Social Media

Financial Advice/Wealth Management

Relocation Assistance

Concierge Services/ Lifestyle Guidance

Club Representation

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